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A Hillock

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About: A Hillock

The Hillock is a poetic shadow puppet theatre based on The Earthgod and the Fox by Japanese poet and novelist Kenji Miyazawa. It tells the tale of love triangle between a Fox, Earth God, and beautiful Birch tree. It ends with the Fox's tragic death.

Kenji Miyazawa (1896-1933) was poet and author of children’s books during the late Taisho era in Japan. He died in 1933 of pneumonia, almost unknown, but later he has transcended the generations to become one of Japan's most read and best loved authors. His work is popular worldwide.

This production was made during New York City's lockdown caused by COVID-19. Regular rehearsals were not possible and all artists collaborated remotely.

The Hillock was live-streamed in 2020, sponsored by NYC's Queens Library. 



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